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Training 4

Wellness & Nutrition with Lauren Boline

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August 17, 2023 | 2pm

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Step back into the basics of how to be healthier in the workplace. This interactive workshop will walk you through a holistic approach to nutrition and wellness for office workers. You’ll leave this session feeling refreshed and coached through setting personal wellness goals.

Session Notes

  • Moving beyond dieting and exercise as the only ways to be healthy, skipping meals, restrictive dieting, common struggles
  • Interactive at beginning
  • Set realistic goals – help people set goals at end

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Meet our Presenter

Lauren Boline
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
& Intuitive Eating Coaching

Lauren Boline is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Intuitive Eating Coach who helps you stop focusing on restrictive diets and weight loss in order to take a more holistic approach to improving your health through body acceptance, gentle nutrition, and improving self-trust and decision making in your health care. Lauren graduated from Kansas State University and the University of Oklahoma before passing the RD exam in 2017, then working in a clinical position prior to starting her own nutrition practice in 2020. Working in the hospital taught Lauren that real health care is about much more than the size of your body or your ability to eat all the “right” foods, and loves helping you see that there is so much more to your health than the number on the scale. You can learn more about Lauren, her weight-neutral approach to improving your nutrition, and her Empowered Eating Coaching Program & Community at or on Instagram or TikTok @dietitian.laurenboline.

Benefits of Membership

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