Interested in serving on a Committee – Complete the 2023-2024 Application to Serve on CCMFOA Committee and return to Heather N. Hillegeist.

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The committee will be comprised of a chairperson, Association Treasurer and one or two representatives from each region as appointed by the President.


To encourage the enrollment of every municipal clerk and finance officer as an active member in the Association, to encourage enrollment in the IIMC, and to advertise the benefits of membership to these associations.

To provide informational packets including the Association handbook and by-laws to new clerks and finance officers.

To coordinate with regional contacts and bring together city clerks and finance officers on a regional basis for local networking and sharing of information.



  • Meet at least annually, during the Spring Conference to evaluate effectiveness of regions and plan future activities.


  • Provide committee chairperson(s) the Wings editor and the LKM with additions or deletions of Association members on a timely basis.


  • Encourage regional contact to promote membership in the Association and IIMC.
  • Maintain a current Association membership list.
  • Coordinate the mentoring program between new city clerks and municipal finance officers and experienced members.
  • Coordinate the sale of regional basket fundraiser tickets.

Regional Contacts

  • Contact new city clerks and municipal finance officers within 30 days of notification of appointment and provide them with Association and IIMC membership information and information on availability of ListServ for members.
  • Distribute packets to mentoring clerks, (packets are available from the chairperson as needed), provide follow-up contact to reinforce that mentoring is available.
  • Arrange for periodic activities within the region to afford an opportunity for information exchange and social activities.
  • Strive to maintain good communication and information exchange within their region. A strong regional group is a great asset to local clerks and provides a nucleus for the state group.
Chaired by the editor of the Wings newsletter, this committee is responsible for coordinating, preparing, and distributing the Association’s quarterly Wings newsletter, keeping the website current, and submitting newsworthy releases to IIMC and appropriate local newspapers.
Chaired by the CCMFOA Vice-President, this committees’ membership includes three members of the Board of Directors and five members-at-large who are CMCs or MMCs. This committee assists fellow clerks by answering questions regarding the CMC & MMC application process during a scheduled session at both Academy and Spring Conference. The Chair also sends letters of congratulations to new CMCs and MMCs, including recognition of the governing bodies and city administrators for supporting the education programs of CCMFOA and for their continued support of continuing education.

Chaired by the CCMFOA Vice-President, this committees’ membership includes the Board of Directors and three members–at-large. This committee meets in March, June, and November of each year in Wichita to plan the education programs for CCMFOA – Certification Institute/Academy, Spring Conference, and hosting of IIMC Region VII meetings. The Institute Director is an ex-officio member.

This committee is responsible for providing entertainment, beverages, and/or food for social hours and/or receptions, unless these items are to be provided as part of a program activity. The committee oversees the staffing of the hospitality room when it is open during Spring Conference and Certification Institute/Academy.
This committee is responsible for monitoring state and federal legislation that affects Municipal Clerks and Finance Officers, and proposing legislation and/or coordinating efforts for/or against such legislation consistent with the legislative goals and policies of the League of Kansas Municipalities, IIMC, and CCMFOA.
This committee is responsible for reviewing the Association’s By-laws and Handbook, submitting recommendations to the Board of Directors, and publishing changes.
Chaired by the CCMFOA Treasurer, this committees’ membership includes one or two representatives from each region. This committee encourages CCMFOA membership and involvement. The regional committee members also coordinate gatherings to bring City Clerks and Municipal Finance Officers together on a regional basis for local networking and sharing of information.

Chaired by the Immediate Past President, this committee is comprised of two past presidents and a member-at-large. The committee is responsible for selecting a slate of officers and directors from the Association membership for election during Spring Conference.

This committee is responsible for overseeing the sale of CCMFOA promotional items, preparing and staffing the organization’s booth at the LKM Annual Conference, and coordinating the annual Silent Auction in conjunction with CCMFOA’s Spring Conference.


Application to Serve on a Committee

Public Service is an interesting thing. Some people are drawn to it with a drive “to improve the world.” Others are thrown into it by simply taking a job. It can be rewarding and discouraging, sometimes at the same time. Even when things are not going so well, you can view public service as a learning experience, but hopefully the good times outweigh the bad.

CCMFOA membership provides some outlets during the discouraging times with fellow clerks who are dealing with some of the same issues. Fellow clerks can also point you in the right direction to help you get to the rewarding times. We all need more of those!

CCMFOA is only as good as its members and those people who are willing to step forward and serve on the committees.

I have been nominated to serve as President of CCMFOA. I am honored to be considered for that position, and I hope you will support me. Please also consider serving with me by signing up for one of the CCMFOA committees.

Serve on a Committee

Interested in serving on a Committee – Complete the 2023-2024 Application to Serve on CCMFOA Committee and return to Heather Hillegeist.