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CCMFOA hosts a Spring Conference in March of each year.  The conference provides professional training opportunities for City Clerks & Municipal Finance Officers.   The State is divided into eight regional districts.  The districts periodically offer regional meetings to provide educational opportunities and provide networking on a local level.

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Educational Vision for the Profession

The City Clerks and Municipal Finance Officers Association and the International Institute of Municipal Clerks recognize the need for continuing professional development in the area of public administration, social/interpersonal relations, and technical skills.  In cooperation with Wichita State University, these programs are specially designed to facilitate learning opportunities for municipal; clerks and finance officers.

In the fall of the year, CCMFOA sponsors a Certification Institute. This incremental program provides Clerks with the necessary training to become certified as a municipal clerk.

Also in the fall, Advanced Academy is offered for graduates of the institute to provide the opportunity to learn more about specific topics related to their profession.

All programs are fully accredited by the International Institute of Municipal Clerks and also offer continuing education credit through Wichita State University.

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Paula Downs, Talent and Professional Services Manager

The Public Policy & Management Center supports clerk education through a partnership that provides an Education Director and support services for the City Clerks and Municipal Finance Officers Association of Kansas.  Please feel free to reach out to for questions regarding training opportunities and clerk certification.