About the Program

The Executive Board and Board of Directors are proud to announce the creation of the Kansas Certified Municipal Clerk State Certification Program, administered through Wichita State University. This program is created specifically for Kansas Municipal Clerks and is offered in addition to the designations offered through the International Institute of Municipal Clerks (IIMC).

The purpose of the program is to sponsor continuing education and develop both the proficiency and quality of Municipal Clerks serving their communities throughout the state of Kansas.

The program is designed to encourage Clerks to continue their education and professional growth throughout their years of service, to provide Association members the ability to attend training and development opportunities specific to the needs of clerks in the State of Kansas, and to recognize those clerks who pursue education and development throughout their career.

Details regarding the program are available below and on the certification application. Certification/Recertification is based on education and professional experience as outlined in the application.

Basic Requirements for Kansas Certified Municipal Clerk Certification

• Must be serving for two years in the capacity of City Clerk and/or Municipal Finance Officer of any city or government agency of the state of Kansas, either elected or appointed.


• Any Assistant City Clerk, Deputy City Clerk, City Treasurer, Assistant City Treasurer, Assistant City Finance Officer, and other management positions within a finance department

Must be a Member in Good Standing with CCMFOA

Must successfully obtain 60 Education and Professional Development Points and provide the proper supporting documentation as outlined on the application.