Session Description

Presenter: Teresa R. Schwab, LMSW, PCC

Session Title: Take Care of Yourself

Across all sectors, in all types of organizations, the refrain these days seems to be much the same: “I’m drowning, and I can’t keep up!” It’s almost as if we need more arms and legs to keep the plates spinning—one hand for work, one hand for community, one hand for family, one hand for self, and more than two legs for dancing an eloquent jig.

While spinning plates feels normal, like it’s just the reality we all live in, the truth is that taking care of yourself is an act of leadership. It’s much more difficult to be effective in your role, to communicate compassionately and to offer support, guidance, and service to others when you have nothing left to give. It’s like what the flight attendant directs you to do on an airplane, “If we lose cabin pressure, the oxygen masks will drop. Put your mask on first before trying to help anyone else around you.”

In this session we will explore the concept of managing energy, not time. We will discuss basic neuroscience behind stress, and through a simple self-assessment, we’ll discuss practical strategies for healing and restoring energy and how to create rituals to ensure strategies last. We’ll also talk about how to recognize warning signs that stress has reached a critical level, and how and where to seek support when needed.