The President will appoint a chairperson and committee.  The chairperson should be a past scholarship recipient.


To award two scholarships to the IIMC Conference. Scholarships reimburse actual expenses for conference registration, travel (airfare or mileage depending on the cheaper mode of transportation), hotel, meals and transfers to and from the airport in an amount up to $2,000.

NOTE: Only one scholarship is awarded in years when Kansas has a representative in the IIMC Region VII Board of Directors.



Meet (via email or teleconference), prior to the business meeting in November to make the selection.


  • Insure the scholarship application is published in the July issue of the Wings newsletter.  The deadline for submission of scholarship applications will be September 30th.
  • Announce the award recipients at the Association’s November business meeting held during the annual Institute/Advanced Academy and at the Spring Conference.
  • Contact the recipients following the November business meeting and serve as mentor in making arrangements to attend the IIMC conference.
  • Publish news releases in the Wings newsletter, Kansas Government Journal, News Digest, and the local newspaper where the recipients serve as City Clerk or Finance Officer.