Lana McPherson, MMC, was appointed City Clerk in June 1998, for the City of De Soto, Kansas. She joined the City Clerks and Municipal Finance Officers Association of Kansas and the International Institute of Municipal Clerks. Lana received CCMFOA’s highest honor as “City Clerk of the Year” in 2010. Lana is a past IIMC Region VII Director and an Athenian Fellow. In May 2016, she was awarded IIMC’s Quill. She currently serves as Chair of IIMC’s Membership Committee. Lana is a founding member of the “Clerks for Christ” prayer warrior team, with a growing national membership of 150 municipal clerks. If you know Lana, you know how much she puts her heart and soul into the IIMC clerk family.

Lana serves on the Kansas Board of Directors for the Midwest Public Risk public entity risk pool. She served three terms on the Kansas Municipal Insurance Trust Board and was president in 2007-08. She is a current member of the League of Kansas Municipalities Public Officers & Employees Policy Committee. Lana continues to serve her Kansas clerks through CCMFOA. Lana is a church organist and pianist. She and husband, Ian, enjoy cruising in “Lucille,” her 1948 Chevy pickup. Her favorite pastimes are family, friends and collecting antique brooches.

Step up, step out and lead with Lana!

Loyal to IIMC clerks

Accountable to IIMC clerks

Nvested in IIMC clerks

Accessible to IIMC clerks

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