Jerry Lovett Sperling - Quill Award Winner 2015The Quill Award is a prestigious award established to recognize Municipal Clerks who have distinguished themselves by making a significant and exemplary contribution to their community, their state, principality or province and, in particular, IIMC and their peers.

CCMFOA, collectively as an Association submitted Jerry Lovett Sperling, MMC, City Clerk, City of Lindsborg as a candidate to receive the honor of the Quill Award. IIMC Regional VII Directors (at the time of the nomination) Lana McPherson, City of Desoto and Denise Chisum, City of Lee’s Summit, Missouri; provided letters of endorsement for the nomination. The criteria for the award includes length of service, strength and extent of participation in IIMC, service in teaching fellow Municipal Clerks, involvement with the initiation or administration of an IIMC‐approved training Institute or program or any other activity that enhances the professionalism of IIMC members.

Jerry Lovett Sperling, MMC, City Clerk, Lindsborg, was named at the 2015 IIMC Annual Conference in Hartford, Connecticut, as one of this year’s recipients. Jerry has served as an integral part of CCMOA, serving on the Executive Board, including President. She has worked tirelessly to expand and improve the Association to the professional organization that it is today. She has mentored many Clerks, has been active in her own city and community, and served as IIMC Region 7 Director from 2008 to 2011. She is a Fellow in the Athenian Leadership Society. Lovett Sperling is the sixth Kansas Clerk to receive this honor.