IIMC Application Packet (Doc) / IIMC Application


The nominee must be a member of the state Association and a member of IIMC in order to be eligible for the IIMC Conference scholarship. Individuals are eligible to apply for this scholarship at anytime; preference will be given to first time attendees.


The scholarship will pay for registration, airfare or mileage to the conference location (depending upon the cheaper mode of transportation), hotel, meals and transfers to and from the airport, up to $2,250. It will not cover optional events such as Academy seminars, Athenian Dialogues or the MCEF Walk, etc. Costs incurred by the recipient’s employer will be reimbursed to the employer before costs are reimbursed to the recipient. The total cost of expenses shall not exceed $2,250. Any questions regarding reimbursable expenses will be addressed by the CCMFOA Executive Committee.

Applicants acknowledge that any costs not covered by the scholarship are their responsibility or the responsibility of their employer.


The Association will award one scholarship each year for the IIMC Conference. During any year that the Association’s Region VII Director’s City will pay the director’s expenses to the conference, the Association will award a second scholarship. The recipient winners will be announced at the November business meeting.


The committee will review each application and select a scholarship recipient based on the following judging standards:

  • Why the applicant wishes to attend the conference
  • Financial need
  • Activities within the state and national organizations that are deserving of the scholarship


The applicant will submit an IIMC Application Packet (Doc) /IIMC Application to the chairperson of the IIMC Conference Scholarship Committee. Applications are accepted July 1st through August 31st of the year prior to the conference. Deadline August 31, 2023.

Please mail, or e-mail your packet to the following:

Kori Longoria,
P.O. Box 998
301 N. 8th Street
Garden City, KS 67846

Email: kori.longoria@gardencityks.us

Recipient of scholarship must provide proof of conference registration to the scholarship committee by February 15th. If no proof is submitted, the scholarship will be awarded to the next eligible recipient.